Official Journal of
East European Branch of
CardiOncology Society

Instruction for authors


OnCOReview publishes articles concerning all cardiac disorders in oncological patients:

–– Case Reports as the preferred type of articles according to the educational mission “Teaching with case studies”

–– Reviews / Minireviews: Experts’ opinions or comments/news from meetings.

–– Original Articles: clinical investigation / basic science / case series / interim reports.

–– We invite you to submit manuscrpipt to the new section: OncoWatch - practical clinical images, in which we will publish educational, short and illustrated clinical cases. Publication conditions can be found at this address.


All articles are peer-reviewed.

Charges (for submission, page, color, publication) are not levied. 


Copyright assignment is a condition of publication and authors are required to assign the copyright to the publisher prior to publication.

The Authors are responsible for obtaining the necessary authorizations for the publication of materials for which the copyright is held by a third party. 


Manuscripts can be submitted only in English.

Authors whose native language is not English are STRONGLY advised to seek appropriate grammatical assistance.

The submitted materials cannot be previously published elsewhere either in whole or in part and cannot be under review in other journals or publishers.

The main document of each manuscript should be uploaded as a separate text file. Microsoft Word is preferred, although any editable text file is acceptable.

Separate files for each figure are required. TIF, EPS or JPG figure files are strongly preferred, at the standard resolutions (i.e. 300 dpi for photos, 1200 dpi for line art) and scaled to size.

Figures should not include names of patients, logos, symbolic landmarks, or any other identification of the origin.


The main document of each manuscript should be written in the following order:

1. TITLE PAGE – should include: the full title of the article, short title, authors full names, hospital and academic affiliations, 3 to 6 key words suitable for indexing, corresponding author contact information

2. ABSTRACT – should not exceed 250 words

should not exceed 250 words.

3. MAIN TEXT – original articles should be arranged with appropriate subheadings: Introduction, Objective, Material and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion

 –– each case report needs: Introduction, Case presentation, Discussion, Conclusion;

 –– review may be presented in accordance with authors’ subtitles

 4. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS – should include all sources of financial support as well as potential conflict of interests for all authors

5. REFERENCES – should be cited using numbers in square brackets on the line. The author should abbreviate titles of periodicals according to the style of Index Medicus, National Library of Medicine. List only first three authors names followed by et al. in each reference

References, tables, and figures should be cited in numerical order. The author should avoid jargon, cliches and laboratory slang.


1. All authors are required to read and approve the manuscript because they are responsible for the contents.

2. Studies involving the use of animal or human subjects should be carried out in accordance with the Code of Ethics of the World Medical Association (Declaration of Helsinki) for experiments involving humans and EU Directive 2010/63/EU for animal experiments.


In case any corrections of the text are necessary, it will be returned to the author, who should make the required changes within the deadline indicated by the editorial office. The editorial office reserves the right to make minor cuts and linguistic corrections.


Manuscripts can be submitted

1. via e-mail to: