Official Journal of
East European Branch of
CardiOncology Society

OncoReview 3, September 2019

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"OncoReview" is indexed by SCOPUS (SNIP 2017: 0.023)

Dear Readers, 

"OnCOReview", the Official Journal of East European Branch of International CardiOncology Society, is the peer-reviewed scientific journal.

From 2019 it will be publishing articles (especially case reports) describing new symptoms and their prognosis, problematic case reports, review articles covering recent developments as well as experts’ opinions and comments as mini-reviews regarding early results of important experimental research or clinical studies on cardio-oncology. Journal realizes the scientific and didactic mission with the active participation of Young Investigators.

"OncoReview" invites authors to submit articles in the field of broadly understood cardio-oncology, i.e. concerning all cardiovascular disorders in oncological patients.

Editor-in-Chief (America)                Editor-in-Chief (Europe)
prof. Eric E. Harrison, MD                Sebastian Szmit, MD, PhD           
Fellow of ACC, AHA, ASAI, ACP      Associate Professor      


Ocular side effects of the taxane-based chemotherapy – do only vascular disorders matter? Anna Rzeszotarska, Agata Stodolska-Nowak, Joanna Kufel-Grabowska, Błażej Nowakowski, Jarosław Kocięcki
Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA) in qualification for palliative chemotherapy Katarzyna Kryszczyszyn-Musialik, Grzegorz Słomian, Jadwiga Jośko-Ochojska
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